Tutorial: Localization, DOA Estimation & Beamforming – A Complete Review of Array Signal Processing

Localization, DOA Estimation & Beamforming: A Complete Review of Array Signal Processing

Monday, October 12

Presenters: Prof. Monika Aggarwal
CARE, Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi


Direction of arrival (DOA) estimation and localization of the radiating sources using an array of sensors play very important role in many different areas such as radar, sonar, seismology, mobile communication, medical diagnostics etc. In underwater scenario it is required for monitoring of underwater systems, undersea discoveries, catastrophic prevention, environmental monitoring and at many other places.

Because of the vast application domain many researchers are contributing a lot in this area. With time the algorithms have become robust, efficient, simple and stable. Even the underlying technologies, array structures have seen a sea change. Traditional pressure sensor arrays are now being replaced by vector sensors. Sinusoidal complex signal model are being generalized to quaternion model.

In this tutorial we will go for this complete journey of evolution of these algorithms and technologies and understand recent advancements in details. We will understand the traditional algorithms, their limitations and the solution which leads to modified solution. We will also talk about the open challenges and areas of future research.

Topic Overview:

  • DOA estimation Techniques
    • Subspace based high resolution techniques and its variants
    • Maximum Likelihood Techniques
    • Methods to handle wideband, spread sources
    • Methods to handle colored noise, correlated sources
    • Beam Space processing
    • Higher Order statistics based DOA estimation algorithms
  • Beamforming
    • Delay and sum Beamformer
    • Capon
    • SNR maximizer
    • MVDR
  • Source Localization
    • Triangulation
    • Correlation and p-hat transforms
    • Localization of underwater targets
      • Match Field Processing
  • Vector Sensor Based Array Processing
    • Modeling
    • Single vector sensor based DOA, beamforming
    • Vector sensor Array
  • Underdetermined Systems
    • Concept of virtual arrays
    • Different array structures : Nested arrays, co-Prime arrays and their variants
  • Miscellaneous
    • Advance topics
    • Open research problem and future directions

Target Audience:

The tutorial is for the researchers working in this area and who wants to start exploring the area as well.

Prof Monika Aggarwal is a Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India has more than 20 years of teaching experience, has given many tutorials in India as well as Outside.