Industry Talent Shines In Troubled Times

By Ed Freeman, Editor, ON&T

This has certainly been a bizarre and challenging year. But it will no doubt prove transformative.

The pandemic forced us into a new, somewhat sobering reality. Our promotional calendars were torn apart as one conference after another was put on hold. With in-person activities indefinitely sidelined, we embraced a surge of webinars and online gatherings and tried to adapt accordingly. Those in the field incorporated ever more stringent safety protocols and procedures. While it might seem like suspended animation, we, the ocean industries, have actually adjusted with gusto.

As disruptive as things have been, the manner in which our sector has reacted echoes a number of truths about our professional community. The “in this together” mindset is evermore palpable and a clear indication that true collaboration spurs resilience. And it is in the face of this adversity that we see a creative and innovative workforce announcing a steady stream of virtual product launches, contract awards, and breakthrough research are all symptomatic of a creative and active marketplace.

When we meet at OCEANS 2020 next month (virtually, of course), we will have further opportunity to recognize the professional talent our industry nurtures, thanks to MTS’ Awards & Honors Program. Once again, we are delighted to sponsor the ON&T Young Professional Award, which is presented to an MTS member, 35 years old or younger, who has consistently shown leadership in a marine technology field. In 2020, we congratulate Hannah Toerner, whose contribution to ocean science and technology belies her years. Following her time as an active student ambassador for MTS, Hannah’s work has significantly contributed to the development of a composite material derived from recycled plastic and glass fibers, the properties of which make it an eco-friendly and cost-effective resource for coastal infrastructure.

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Exclusive Digital Magazine Series on Coral Reefs, Polar Research and Deep-Sea Exploration

ECO Magazine will publish a unique series of digital editions in 2020 designed to offer the global research community a multimedia platform to celebrate scientific progress, increase topic awareness and identify opportunities for collaboration.

In the first edition of the digital series, readers are immersed in the world of Coral Reefs.  Through an impressive collection of articles written by experts from science, government and commercial sectors, the magazine reviews the current status of these irreplaceable ecosystems, uncovers new knowledge about the threats facing them, and shares stories of inspiration in the fight to save our ocean’s cities.

Available in September 2020, the Polar Special Issue will highlight the latest international polar research and groundbreaking expeditions, and report on the challenges and opportunities for science, industry and local communities in the face of climate change. This exciting edition will be produced in partnership with the Arctic Circle, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).

SCAR President, Professor Steven Chown, said, “Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are major contributors to the Earth System. Their future and our future are inextricably linked. Our climates, coasts, cities and sustainable human success are all linked to the behavior of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean. Sea level rise and the sequestration of carbon are two primary examples. Knowing about the current and future state of Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments is essential for all who have a stake in the future of our planet.”

The final addition to ECO Magazine’s 2020 digital series is dedicated to Deep Sea exploration. Scheduled for November, the Deep Sea Special Issue will be produced in partnership with the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) and the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

“Most people don’t think about the bottom of the ocean. When you look at a map, the ocean is portrayed as flat blue with very few features,” said Schmidt Ocean Institute co-founder Wendy Schmidt. “However, this couldn’t be further from what the ocean floor looks like. Picture huge mountains and canyons, exotic hydrothermal vent forests and unique conditions that mimic other planets. There are still so many things we do not know about the topography or the ecosystems that cover the largest part of our earth.”

These exciting editions are important multimedia resources for the ocean community and highlight the current status of vital research topics, increase awareness of key issues, help to identify gaps in knowledge and enable collaboration between academia, government and industry.

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This post is sponsored by our media partner, ECO Magazine. 

OCEANS 2020 Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast

The enduring COVID-19 pandemic does not allow the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, co-sponsors of OCEANS 2020 Singapore and OCEANS 2020 Gulf Coast, to hold these conferences as planned with all their regional distinctiveness by their respective organizing committees.

Safety of the participants being paramount, the organizing committees have decided to combine forces and invite worldwide community participation to a single virtual conference “OCEANS 2020 Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast”, which will feature a mix of live and on-demand events available to all registrants at a very affordable rate, October 5-30, 2020.

Further details of this first-ever virtual OCEANS conference will be posted in the coming weeks on the conference website and on the Societies’ social media channels.

Zdenka Willis, President, Marine Technology Society &
Christian De Moustier, President IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
(For Sponsoring Societies)

Three Ways to Have a Successful Booth Activation

By Carly Heideger, OCEANS 2020 Gulf Coast Sales

One of the top measures of a successful tradeshow comes in through the ROI traced back to the attendees, leads generated and sales made both onsite and back in the office. While choosing the right show and audience is important, the amount of success that you can have is directly correlated to the organization and planning that goes into your activation.

Start Promoting Early and Often!

Create a marketing plan surrounding your experience on-site and be sure to include your booth space number in all your materials. Plan social media campaigns, hashtags, pre-show emails and onsite follow ups to conversations and new prospects – start creating your story of what attendees will experience at your booth space prior to arrival. A successful marketing campaign throughout the pre-show can lead to several booth meetings during the show. Use the OCEANS Exhibitor Resources to find assets available to all exhibitors to support marketing campaigns.

Bring on the Brand!

Develop an interesting and inviting environment with a professionally-designed space and staff. Your booth space is your home during the show days, and it is vital for attendees, especially new ones, to feel that they can recognize whose space they are in when they walk into your booth. Bring your products! The best part of the Expo Floor is the ability to touch and feel the products that you are displaying; find ways to get attendees involved in demonstrating the product or service. Sessions in the Innovation Theater or Demo Area are a great place to reserve for displaying.

Scan It!

Be organized when collecting business cards and generating new leads. Rent a lead retrieval scanner unit or lead retrieval app to scan each attendee badge to ensure you head back to the office with full contact information of those potential customers and connections you made while at the show.

There are so many other ways to prepare to have a successful show! Want more information about enhancing your booth space or getting a space on the floor? Reach out to Carly today!

Carly Heideger

Federal Agencies’ Provide Strategic Outlook on the Future of Ocean Observations

Originally posted on the Marine Technology Society Website
Author: MTS President-Elect Zdenka Willis

Earth observations impact our lives every day. The United States relies on a robust system of Earth observations from satellite, aerial, shipboard, and in situ platforms to enable individuals and organizations to make informed decisions to strengthen public safety and boost the marine economy. At a Town Hall event at the 2019 Oceans Conference, “Federal Strategic Vision for Ocean Observing,” federal agency leaders discussed their strategic vision for the next 18 months.

In December 2019, the White House Office of Science Technology and Policy (OSTP) released the second National Plan for Civil Earth Observations. New observational technologies and analytics from a broad array of entities calls for a new way of doing business.

In response the National Plan for Civil Earth Observations, defines the Earth Observations Enterprise and focuses on collaboration and robust dialog to reshape America’s strategies for the collection and use of Earth observations. The plan outlines the Administration’s priorities and focuses the Nation’s civil Earth observations efforts. The U.S. Group on Earth Observations (USGEO) Subcommittee will use this plan to coordinate implementation of the recommended actions.

Strong coordination among the multi-sector enterprise will:

  • Advance observational capabilities Improve America’s ability to bolster infrastructure resilience;
  • Improve Earth system prediction capabilities by leveraging the power of Earth observation data and fostering strong research environments;
  • Foster a thriving Earth observation economy; and Retain American science and technology leadership

The Panel at the 2019 Oceans Conference gave the components of the of the Earth Observations Enterprise a chance to hear agency strategic goals, priorities, programs, and needs. To hear from the marine technology sector about their challenges with growing their business, advance ideas and research and areas where government can change practices to lower barriers.

After the panel presentations, Agency representatives toured the exhibit floor which gave them the opportunity to see new technologies and interact with the exhibitors.

Overall, the event was well received, and we look forward to continuing this dialog at the future Oceans Conferences.

By President-Elect Zdenka Willis

Welcome back to the OCEANS Current!

New year, new OCEANS Current! With 2020 in full swing, it’s time to start planning and preparing for OCEANS 2020 Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi. This year’s Conference will be full of exciting opportunities and experiences, including the Outreach Engineering Challenge for students of all ages. For previews of what to expect and content from our valued Patrons & Media Partners, follow the OCEANS Current.

Each year, OCEANS Conference becomes more innovative and educational due to the efforts of our paper & poster authors. If you’ve performed marine technology research, now is your chance to be heard by an audience of industry thought-leaders and influencers. We’re not wasting any time this year – the Call for Abstracts is open from now until mid-Spring, so submit your abstract before it’s too late.

We can’t wait to see you in Biloxi!